Novalite verandahs can be washed quite successfully however not without difficulty.  With our specialised equipment we can generally get the reach the required  areas as they are not designed to be walked on.

There are two particular issues with novalite.  1. Aging - novalite gets very brittle with age and 2. It is very difficult to clean between where 2 sheets overlap each other which where  a large amount of debris and dirt builds up, we just have to get it as clean as we possibly can.

Often people spend thousands of dollars having their roofs painted when all it needs is a good wash.  The  lichen was so thick on the roof  it was like a carpet. (video immediately right) The roof took 2 days to clean. You can see the thick yellow build up and this had been presrprayed with strong chemical to kill the root system of the lichen.

Concrete or Clay tile roofs should not be walked on any more than absolutely necessary and the best process for these roofs is a moss and mould kill chemical treatment.  These treatments (depending on the key ingredient) can take from 3 to 12 months before the roof is completely clean. We offer a 12 month warranty on all moss & mould  cleaning treatments

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