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Before booking cleaning services, many customers have questions about how we clean, what chemicals we use and ask about the other services we provide.  Below is a list of the frequently asked questions, if you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to ask by using the contact form.




Q: Should I worry about any damage to my property?

A: No. We always spot test before we start work to make sure we know how the surfaces will respond to treatment.


Q: I have old window frames, what about leakage? 

A: No problem, we've seen just about everything in the book. We will treat your property with due care and will ensure that your property will be treated with respect and prevent any leakage. Worst-case scenario, you may see a few dribbles on the inside. All possible outcomes will be discussed with the client before work starts. 


Q: What is included in the standard exterior house wash?

A: The standard wash is from the outside of the guttering to ground, vertical walls soffits eves only. Additional work such as any roof, attached deck, balcony, patios and hand rails are priced separately. 


Q: Will water blasting damage my paint?

A: No. We use a pressure washing service and the pressure is adjusted on a job-by-job basis to suit the surface. More often than not, the pressure used to wash paintwork is less than a standard garden hose.  


Q: Will the chemicals affect my plants, pets or myself?

A: No. We will advise if we believe there are any inherent risks. 


Q: Will my paint really last longer if I wash my home regularly?

A: Yes. Regular maintenance of anything will typically prolong its lifetime. 


Q: How much water does a wash use?

A: A typical medium sized home wash will use approximately 1 cubic meter of water and will cost approximately $6. 


Q: Is it really better to clean my home in the winter?

A: Not necessarily. Any time of the year is fine, however for washing your walkways, the ideal time is autumn because the wash kills the spore count which reduces the build up of moss and mold which creates a slippery surface during winter.


Q: Can you provide a quote over the phone?

A: As each house and landscape is unique, we quote by visiting the property in question.


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